My First Blog Post

To whom much is given much is required


Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Mastermind Experience

Week 8

Some observations:

Having read Og Mandino’s, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” before, I expected the usual: read the book and try to emulate what Og was writing about. Good stuff, could work with lots of effort, but….. Then Mark J. comes at the a little differently actually, literally, read the scrolls one month at a time, three times daily, the last time at night out loud. Something clicks in my brain and starts actually wanting to be like the character in the book. Only two scrolls in but already forming new positive habits, and loving all mankind, especially myself and what I put into my body and my mind. Looking forward with anticipation and excitement to the next scroll.

Really getting into the reading daily of cards, Dmp, press release,movie trailer, struggling to do my recording as I’m not fond of my own voice, but I understand the importance and I will get it done. Forming new positive habits, getting routines that contribute to solidifying those habits. It is fun not having opinions and letting others speak to their hearts content, I have been known to ramble on with my opinions, but now am happy to just say, “that’s interesting, tell me more!

I never thought I could be a techy, making the computer do as I wanted it to. But thanks to the Digital Solutions webinars and videos, I am feeling competent with what I am doing. From the blog and populating it, to getting through all the information that comes to us on a daily basis. It is worth every minute spent in it, and sometimes I spend a lot of time trying to get it all right.

The Marco Polo app has turned into a very valuable tool. Our tribe has spent a lot of time messaging each other. From general comments, to valuable insights, to objective guidance from our fantastic guide. Joan’s Jets have really opened up our conversations and I feel like we are all becoming a family, helping each other through trials.We are even wondering if we can keep in touch when all is over with the MKE. I think that is an amazing testimonial of this tool.

The sits have been a wonderful mind altering experience. Learning to completely relax and just let my mind be blank. Then filling it with wonderful thoughts of our Creator and the ethereal He formed the universe with, and then KNOWING without a doubt we too can tap into the source and create our own life. Mark J. has given me and my family hope that I can finish my life on top and pass an incredible legacy on to the next generations. I am waiting breathlessly for the next chapter in this journey.

That’s all for now folks! God Bless.

Mastermind Experience

Week 7

“Today I am a new man with a new life”.

So ended Scroll one of Og Mandino’s ” The Greatest Salesman In The World”. It encourages a person to begin anew, changing their mindset,by getting rid of old habits and replacing them with new good habits. Changing the blueprint we have created in our life by changing how we think, talk and communicate with others on a daily basis. The only difference that is perceptible between success and failure is in the difference of habits. Bad habits lead to failure ,therefore to ensure success we need to start new good habits and follow them. The reading of the scrolls three times daily along with the imprinting in our minds of small successfully repeated goals, starts to make the change from good to bad, destroying old habits and preparing fertile ground for new good habits.

Scroll two takes it another step, instead of making daily decisions between our likes (love) and dislikes (hate). We are encouraged to “greet each day with love in our hearts”. By loving all things and people we use a great secret of success. Only love, true love of all, can open the hearts of people. Loving all is an incredibly powerful habit, it is a great weapon formed against the hate and prejudices of this world. All of these will melt away when confronted with love. One of the most powerful persons to love, is ourselves!! Loving ourselves, firstly, by carefully watching over what enters our body, ensures it is kept clean and by never allowing our mind to attract evil and despair, we ensure that all hate is let out of our body. From loving all, you ” take the first step required to become a man among men”.

That’s all for now. God Bless

Mastermind Experience

Week 6

I have hesitated and put off more than once on writing this post. The mastermind key experience has been an amazing and eye opening experience. It has totally changed my outlook on many things in my life, particularly on the prospect of success even at my age. (63) it seems things sometimes conspire against you as we have been looking for a new place to stay and then moving. Our live has been increasingly complicated as I have been recovering from knee replacement surgery, we have been dealing with offers on our coffee shop, and my wife has been doing double and triple time in our coffee shop as well as her own business. It has made things very trying, attempting to keep up with our personal and MasterKey schedules. Some things have been missed, but not forgotten. We both are totally committed to getting on with the master key experience and finishing strong. It is a completely worthwhile life changing experience. That’s all for now. God bless

Mastermind experience


There is out there waiting for you, the house, car , lifestyle of your dreams . All you have to do is reach out and claim it. It is everything you have ever wanted and it is yours no questions asked. Go ahead it is really there just waiting for you to take it. Too good to be true, right? Hurry now,because the longer you neglect to claim it the chance of actually getting it grows slimmer.

So ….. if you knew this to be true would you do anything in your power to obtain all this for yourself, your family? It is almost that easy, but what is hard is actually doing it. Many have tried but few have succeeded, because we have lost the burning desire to stake our claim on it. Our thoughts have wondered away, lost sight of the grand prize on some shiny trinket or the easy way out. We spend time in front of mindless pursuits, tv, internet, books of fiction etc. Laziness!!! Truth be told. We have given up the power over our circumstances, because we let our minds wander to these unwarranted pastimes.

If you want back in on your inheritance take heart. There is a way. It takes time and effort and using resources to reprogram your mind. Really there is no sacrifice except the loss of your limitations. So become king of your destiny jump into a mastermind alliance and take what is rightfully yours!

Mastermind experience Week 4

Blue squares, gifting and receiving, red circles, service card, green triangle DMP card, yellow squares, bliss, scrolls, dharma. What do these all have in common? Well to me, putting them all together seemed like a kindergarten experience. Pencil crayons, recipe cards, what did it all mean? Is there possibly a way that I can create positive conditions as I have created negative ones in my past.

To teach your mind to follow new pathways from failure to success you must program it to link various things together, simple tasks completed, linked to a colour and a shape when celebrated with enthusiasm changes the mindset. When you add something to it like a goal, simple at first, or a feeling,you program your subconscious mind to start thinking differently. The goal is to change bad habits to good habits. As we all have become slave to our habits we have grown up with. We can change those bad habits preferably to good habits through the law of substitution, bad habits becoming good. This way we can change our past failures to future successes. Sounds simple enough, eh! As I move through these exercises, I can actually detect a shift in my thoughts. I am more positive, I wake up earlier every day, eager to start the day, I can no longer miss reading my cards and scroll anymore than my morning coffee. It is an amazing feeling! And more of the cement covering my exterior is slowly falling away!

That’s all for now. God bless!

Mastermind Experience Week3

Well here we are at week3, of this mind opening MKEMMA experience. I am settling into a new habit which is a very good place to be as we now know. We have”surrendered our free will to the years of accumulated habits”, some good some bad. The action now is to rid ourselves of the past habits that had contributed to our past failures and replace them with “new habits”that will ensure success. The daily reading of “The Greatest Salesman, the blue print builder , the DMP, the index card mantras and shapes. All are leading to the formation of new positive habits. I can feel this occurring especially as I do the fifteen minute sit, my thoughts go to these mentioned readings , and I meditate on them (almost) exclusively through the relaxed and quiet time. It is a very satisfied feeling that I am changing my thought process and changing my old habits; less tv, social media, reading fiction. I am putting new thoughts into my “Subby ” and with them new actions that will help me achieve success in this new part of my life. I am looking forward to the next Sunday experience, with the knowledge the right stuff is going into my subconscious mind. That’s all for now! God bless.

My Mastermind Journey Week 1

Well I finally am into my blog page. Took some playing around, pushing buttons, a little confusion and undeniably frustration. But here I am. My first blog attempt. This will be a journal of my journey to achieve success at the ripe age of 63. Not too much success in my life at this point more miss than hit. I have been very successful in my family life, I have an amazing accomplished wife, of 39 years, a daughter 37 years and a son 35 years. Our daughter has two children aged 2 and 1. Both of my children have amazing partners, who we know were meant to be with them. They are perfect compliments in their lives. My family has been an absolute blessing from God and my main reason for wanting to change my belief system to one of total success. Although I mentioned God last, He is first, always. This is a fairly easy choice in my life as a number of past business attempts have taken the steam out of my desire to keep going on with business.

Being introduced to Mark J’s down to earth and no nonsense approach to self-help has been extremely refreshing. Already three days in I can feel a resurgence of desire and belief that I can get this done. You don’t need to be anyone special or born in the right country. You just need to do things the right way. To be honest I have heard and read of a lot of the material, but I believe that the method and delivery are what sets this master mind experience apart from anything else I have tried in self help in the past. Coming in with a clear and open mind and an absolute burning desire to get this right this time, cant do anything but help. Thats all for now. God bless

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